The end production is ceramic body, representing itself as the complex and precisely balanced composition of natural minerals such as clay, kaolin, sand, feldspar, pegmatite etc. These ceramic bodies are intended for application in the ceramic industry as the main component of such products as porcelain and faience artistic-domestic wares, insulators, souvenirs, building and technical ceramics, refractories.

The trade mark ECOBODY was developed and registered for the line of the ecologically clean production in 2009. The products of this batch are produced from natural minerals, tested thoroughly on the ecological and radiological indices, with application of the most modern control and production methods.

The ceramic bodies for different applications mentioned below in the table are developed, tested and introduced into the production by specialists of the company:

Sort of the body Application Method of forming Firing temperature, oС
P F Semi-porcelain wares of artistic-domestic and technical application 1180 - 1280
M K Earthenware and faience wares of artistic-domestic application 1000 - 1250
F E T Electro-technical wares 1260 - 1360
T F Porcelain wares of artistic-domestic application 1280 – 1400
C h M Chamotte wares of artistic-domestic application 1080 – 1280
K R Clinker tile and brick, vitrified tile «ceramic granite», shaped wares, wall and floor tile. 1100 – 1240

* - on the customer’s request