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The ceramic granite vases

Ceramic granite vases are produced on the latest technology, specially designed by highly qualified engineers and designers.

The ceramic granite vases will be an exclusive and modern addition both to any interior and exterior, whether it is an office, a hotel, a shopping center or a cozy home.

A variety of shapes, colors and textures allows you to choose a vase for any room, building’s facade, terrace and landscape design.

When choosing vases made of ceramic granite, they will bring peace, reliability and individuality as a design element to the interior as well as to the exterior of any building.



Steps made of ceramic granite are produced using the latest technology developed by Italian engineers and designers.

The manufacture of our steps differs:


Using of modern technologies and materials ensures high quality of products, which makes it possible to compete with steps from artificial and natural materials. A variety of textures and colors will satisfy the imagination of the most experienced customer.

- Any formats’ variations and thickness of steps

The steps are made of ceramic granite with a thickness of 10 to 20 mm.Dimensions of the steps are limited solely to the original dimensions of the tile. The standard width of the step is 300-345 mm, the standard length of the step is 150, 300, 600, 900 mm.


High performance properties of the products are ensured in any conditions, including extreme weather conditions because of particularly durable combined innovative composition.


Why is the ceramic granite?

Products made of ceramic granite have a number of basic properties that distinguish them favorably from products made of natural stone.

Endless varieties of colours and textures from natural stone and wood to metal and fabric. Modern technologies allow to apply on the surface of the tile almost any pattern.

  • THE RESISTANCE TO TEMPERATURE DROP. Remains unscathed even at temperatures below -30. When the temperature drops, the glaze does not crack.
  • THE RESISTANT TO STAINS, EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN. Ceramic granite is very resistant to the effects of stain-forming substances, and it can be easily washed.
  • THE ENDURANCE. The ceramic granite has an IV class of endurance. This group is designed for premises with high traffic intensity, subject to greater dirtying.
  • LOW WATER ABSORPTION. A low water absorption index (<0.05%) provides a high degree of frost resistance, resistance to abrasion and temperature drop. Products can be safely used for outdoor works.
  • HARDNESS GLAZERS FOR SCALE MOHS. Porcelain granite has a high hardness (8-9 points on the MOHS scale) and high performance characteristics, which makes it possible to use it under the most severe conditions.