production of
Ceramic Bodies

For various branches of
the ceramic industry

Production of ceramic bodies

Our Company

“Donbas Ceramic Bodies” Limited Liability Company is a modern, high-tech, dynamically developing enterprise organized in 2003 as an international project that was implemented both by Ukrainian enterprise and European leaders in the field of ceramics production in 2005.

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Finish goods


The end production is ceramic body, representing itself as the complex and precisely balanced composition of natural minerals such as clay, kaolin, sand, feldspar, pegmatite etc. These ceramic bodies are intended for application in the ceramic industry as the main component of such products as porcelain and faience artistic-domestic wares, insulators, souvenirs, building and technical ceramics.

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A successful, innovative company, dynamically developing in the ceramic market segment, using the latest approaches and technologies in compliance with safe work standards and high environmental requirements.


Development of the company and ensuring of the qualitative growth of clients’ business by combining workers’ creative potential and the latest achievements in the field of ceramics. Our way to success is through consistently high quality and innovation!


The production process of "Donbas Ceramic Bodies" LLC allows to have a sufficiently wide range of mixtures for various branches of the ceramic industry and production of refractories.

The distinctive feature of the plant is its technology, meaning separate grinding of the components, high dosing accuracy and efficient mixing. The above mentioned technology allows to produce any kind of the ceramic body from the simplest one to jewelry one on the composition and properties of porcelain.

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The quality management system is certified according to the international standards of the ISO 9001: 2015 series by one of the most authoritative worldwide BVQI (Bureau Veritas Quality International) certification bodies.


When planning and building the plant, special attention was paid to the elements of environmental protection. The plant is provided with a double system of air purification from dust, which allows to reduce atmosphere emissions to a minimum level, which is much lower than it is allowed by national environmental standards.

Process water works in a closed loop and there are no discharges to reservoirs. Wastewater treatment plants for sewerage and also rainwater disposal have been constructed and successfully launched.

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13 років роботі

В июльскую пятницу 13-го 2018 года, 13 лет своей плодотворной работы отметили ООО "Керамічні маси Донбасу", а также ЧАО "Зевс Керамика" в колоритном одесском стиле!
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