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Occupational safety and the environment


When planning and building the plant, special attention was paid to the elements of environmental protection. The plant is provided with a double system of air purification from mineral dust, which allows to reduce atmosphere emissions to a minimum level, that is much lower than it is allowed by national environmental standards. Process water works in a closed loop and there are no discharges to reservoirs. Wastewater treatment plants for sewerage and also rainwater disposal have been constructed and successfully launched.

The distinctive feature of our production is that we produce an environmentally safe product. Recipes for the ceramic bodies’ production don’t contain harmful chemical and radioactive components.

The trade mark ECOBODY was developed and registered for the line of the ecologically safe production in 2009. The products of this batch are produced from natural minerals, tested thoroughly on the ecological and radiological indices, with application of the most modern control and production methods.

A key to future success in business’ developing and improving is constant concern of the environment, improvement of production techniques, maintenance of the treatment facilities' functionality.

Occupational safety

Compliance with international standards

One of the fundamental principles of our company is security ensuring and feasible assistance in maintaining the employees’ health of the enterprise. We are confident that the long-term success of our business depends on the physical state and moral readiness of our employees to perform their work tasks.

The labor safety ensuring in our production includes a set of measures aimed at preventing accidents and improving the knowledge and skills of company’s employees on actions to be taken to ensure occupational safety in the workplace such as trainings, risk reduction measures, as the key to achieving the best result of our activities.

The requirements of the Policy in the field of labor protection are fundamental for enterprise’s goal-setting.