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“Donbas Ceramic Bodies” Limited Liability Company is a modern, high-tech, dynamically developing enterprise organized in 2003 as an international project that was implemented both by Ukrainian enterprise and European leaders in the field of ceramics production in 2005.

Company’s production facilities are located in the region well-known for its richest deposits of natural resources for the ceramic manufacture - light-firing and refractory clays, pegmatites, syenites, primary and secondary kaolins, dolomites.


All kinds of ceramic bodies are produced at the plant:
- powders for slip casting and semidry pressing,
- plastic bodies for hand and machine forming,
- granulated powders for isostatic pressing,
- powders of fine milled clays and kaolin, dry mixtures.

The distinctive feature of the plant is:

The above mentioned technology allows to produce any kind of the ceramic body from the simplest one to jewelry one on the composition and properties of porcelain.


The end production is ceramic body, representing itself as the complex and precisely balanced composition of natural minerals such as clay, kaolin, sand, feldspar, pegmatite etc. These ceramic bodies are intended for application in the ceramic industry as the main component of such products as porcelain and faience artistic-domestic wares, insulators, souvenirs, building and technical ceramics, refractories.

Quality control

The working out of the recipes and process messages for our consumers as well as technical support are realized right in time by the qualified technologists of the plant. The laboratory of the plant performs full and express quality control of products. High-performance equipment and highly qualified laboratory staff allows performing a wide range of laboratory tests.

To ensure high quality of finished products, it has been implemented multistage quality control during all the production stages at the plan. Also high dosing accuracy and efficient mixing let obtain high stability and quality of the producible product.

The quality management system is certified according to the international standards of the ISO 9001: 2015 series by one of the most authoritative worldwide BVQI (Bureau Veritas Quality International) certification bodies.

There is no such analogue plant and most kinds of producible ceramic bodies either in Ukraine or in the Eastern Europe. Nowadays in the terms of high standards to doing business the growing number of the European producers trust their orders for half-finished product to our specialists, admitting the advantage of purchasing a semi-finished product from one manufacturer, getting additional spare time for concentration on the other business aspects. “Donbas Ceramic Bodies” LLC cooperates with its clients closely enough, offering a wide range of the ceramic bodies and supply technical support, satisfying the highest standards.


The enterprise is the founder and the main organizer of regular international scientific and technical conference "World of Ceramics Without Borders" that unites ceramists from the different countries, world suppliers of raw materials, equipment and technologies. It gives impetus to the industry development, by sharing of world leaders’ experience and knowledge in ceramic production and this conference opens new opportunities for Ukrainian ceramists.

Also, "DCB" LLC organizes and conducts the Symposium of artists - ceramists "Ukraina Soborna". The symposium is a creative project, which once again confirms that art knows no borders and divisions.


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13 років роботі

В июльскую пятницу 13-го 2018 года, 13 лет своей плодотворной работы отметили ООО "Керамічні маси Донбасу", а также ЧАО "Зевс Керамика" в колоритном одесском стиле!
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