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Ceramic granite vases are produced on the latest technology, specially designed by highly qualified engineers and designers.

The ceramic granite vases will be an exclusive and modern addition both to any interior and exterior, whether it is an office, a hotel, a shopping center or a cozy home.

A variety of shapes, colors and textures allows you to choose a vase for any room, building’s facade, terrace and landscape design.

When choosing vases made of ceramic granite, they will bring peace, reliability and individuality as a design element to the interior as well as to the exterior of any building.

These vases made in modern style, fit harmoniously into the restrained and official style of premises.

The cache pot and vases from ceramic granite will be a beautiful stylized hedge for summer restaurants and cafes.

You will give aesthetic and style-forming importance of the garden and its separate corners when creating a landscape design using different compositions of our decorative vases.

This vases’ style fit for mixed design style both of interior and exterior amezingly.

Natural materials and universal shades of vases from ceramic granite create an amazing, mesmerizing picture of a harmoniously created space.

Indisputable advantage of ceramic granite vases is their aesthetic properties along with durability and practicality.

These vases are an ideal element to decorate any space - from huge office and hotel centers to country mansions, restaurants and cafes due to their universality and practicality.


Using of modern technologies and materials ensures high quality of products, which makes it possible to compete with flowerpot and cache pot from artificial and natural materials. A variety of textures and colors will satisfy the imagination of the most experienced customer.


The vases are produced from the ceramic granite are 10- and 20-mm thickness. The dimensions of the vases are limited solely by the original dimensions of the tile.


High performance properties of the vases are ensured in any conditions, including extreme weather conditions because of particularly durable combined innovative composition.

Advantages of ceramic granite vases:
- Wide choice of colors and textures
- Modern design
- High strength, durability
- Resistance to moisture, contaminants, acids and alkalis, including household chemicals
- Simplisity of care
- Atmospheric persistence, resistance to fading
- Harmonious combination with any interior and exterior

A wide range of the vases, high operational and aesthetic qualities are ensured by high accuracy and quality of execution and, of course, by high strength characteristics of ceramic granite.

Manufacture of vases is carried out on high-precision Italian equipment and technologies of leading construction and engineering companies.Heavy-duty ceramic granite tiles turn into an ideal vase of modern design, executed with filigree precision, because of new technologies and high qualification of the personnel.

Products are manufactured under controlled conditions, established The Quality Management System, functioning in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015and certificated by BV Certification.


Different structures, variety of colors and formats allow to implement any of your projects. It is possible to produce vases with different dimensions from those that mentioned in the table, as agreed with the customer.

To order vases made of ceramic granite please contact us by e-mail: steps@dcb.com.ua or by rhe following phone(mentioned below):


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